Buy Hang Glider in India

Buy hang glider in India

Buy Hang Glider in India

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“Spirit 16” Hang Gliders are designed to suit rough operation for beginners, intermediate and recreational soaring pilots.  Easy to rig with quick fix fittings so that you can spend more time in the air.

Very easy take off with responsive handling. Progressive and forgiving stall characteristics. Lots of feedback for easy flying and landing.

The sail is made from the best European sailcloth, has refinements like reinforcements at all points of highest tension and has adjustable battens and tips for easy washout and span-wise tension.
An Affordable Intermediate and recreational hang glider.

Specification Spirit 16 wing
Wing area 16.3 square meters
Wing Span 9.55 Mts
Nose angle 121 degrees
Aspect ratio 5.65
Break down length 3.7 meters
Hook in weight 55 to 110 Kg
Double surface 30%
Battens 15
Minimum speed Mph 15 Mph (24 Kph)
Best glide speed. L/D Vg 28 Mph ( 44 Kph)
VNE. (Never exceed speed) 50 Mph (80 Kph)
Best glide ratio 9 / 1
Weight fully rigged 28.75 Kg
Used for powered harness if strengthen correctly Please ask your flight instructor


The New “Spirit 16” hang glider features: Quick nose catch for easy ground rigging. Single pin connection for king post removal Quick X-tube pull back with mushroom bolt, with simple, failsafe safety pin fixing The Spirit 16 can be short packed in approx. 5 to 6 minutes.

The Spirit 16 is an intermediate, recreational hang glider and suits a pilot that has had the appropriate training.

Top quality engineering. Seriously affordable Flying
“Spirit 16” wing. Ready to fly when rigged.

Spirit 16 – Rs. 1,96,900 each

Buy three Spirit 16 wings at:
– Rs. 1,79,900 each
18% GST on top.
All wings supplied with zipped bag.
Heavy duty Cardboard packing for lorry transport: Rs. 4600 per wing.
To buy or Enquire Please Call/Whatsapp on 94604 81356.