Environment Initiative

Nature & Wildlife Conservation

SkyVentures as a team has always been working towards nature and wildlife conservation in areas near Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Founder Mr. Samarth Sharma is an active environmentalist who has taken various initiatives to protect wildlife and forests of the nearby villages of Korna, Agoli, Gangawas etc.

Most of western area of Rajasthan being a desert state does not enjoy abundance of water, rainfall and forests which are essential for wildlife to flourish. With the increasing encroachment of humans and the narrowing spaces of wild animals, their habitat has been disturbed and many wander to the nearby villages for food and water. Samarth with the help of few non-government organizations is continuously contributing to the protecting and development of wildlife in these areas.

Saving the Chinkara

INTACH being one of the NGO, started a project for Chinkara (Indian Gazelles) which needed much attention for its receding drinking ponds due to natural circumstances leading the wild to wander to nearby villages and confronting with domestic animals and dogs. Volunteers of INTACH in association with local villagers and Samarth Sharma have helped in restoring old drinking areas and ponds for these animals. The expenses for the development work was provided by INTACH.