Hang Glider Training


Basic Course

5 days basic training course consist of teaching rigging the glider, pre flight inspection, ground handling, providing assisted launching and landing skills under supervision of experienced instructor who is also one of the most active hang glider pilot in India having international exposure.


Intermediate Courses 

  1. Ridge Soaring – When a breeze blows directly up the slope of a hill there is an opportunity to remain airborne for a prolonged flight. Note, the air must be rising faster than the glider descends through the air. If this is the case then the glider, kept within this rising lift-band, will ascend until an equilibrium is reached where the speed of descent matches the rising of the air. On a good day this can be at a height of twice that of the particular hill. That is twice the hill height above take-off. A 300 ft hill when the air is of the right buoyancy and wind speed will provide as much as 800 ft of height gain in which the pilot can swoop and soar. It is easily possible to fly all day long when the wind remains constant in strength and direction. However, unless the pilot is undertaking some duration challenge, it would be usual for individual flights to last about an hour, plenty of time to explore the available lift, to cruise around and enjoy the view.
  1. Thermal Soaring – Thermal lift is available during the warm hours which can take the pilot right up to the base of the clouds. These columns of warm rising air are best accessed from hill soaring, where they will drift towards and past the hill, taking the skilled pilots up and away with them. This process, thermal soaring, can continue all day until the sun’s rays become to low for convection to carry on. The record distance flown by thermal soaring now stands at over 600km!


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