Paragliding Training


Basic Course

This is a 5 days basic training course in which the experienced trainers teach the student ground handling, launching and landing skills from a gradually sloped small hill on school equipment. The aim of this course is to help you to achieve a level of confidence and skills needed to fly unassisted from slopes. A thorough theory component is an integral part of the Basic Course.

Please note that winch launching may be used but its use is at the sole discretion of the Chief Flying Instructor.

Paragliding training season in Rajasthan is from November to February.

Intermediate Courses 

  1. Ridge Soaring – Helping you make the most out of ridge lift including, scratching in light lift, getting comfortable in crowded air, face landing and much more.
  2. Basic Thermaling – How to read the conditions, efficient turning, feeling the air, which way to turn, how to take it to base.
  3. Intermediate Thermalling – A full towing course designed to get you comfortable and proficient on the end of the rope.


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