Aerial Advertisement

Aerial message to a large audience

Consumers today are bombarded with more advertising messages than ever before, and they have become increasingly savvy about tuning out such messages. From clever product placement in movies, television, radio, newspaper, and internet, there is such an overload of marketing messages in India that it is increasingly difficult for your business to break through the clutter.

Recent surveys have proven that Flying Ads can have a superior impact in India.

Surveys of recent advertising campaigns have revealed that flying advertisements using airplane aerial banners is responsible for almost 20% of responses to a typical ad campaign. That’s more than the impact generated by television commercials for the same campaigns. Therefore, aerial advertising campaigns in India cost a small fraction of what was spent on television advertising. These marketing facts prove that fly advertisement investment in India is a real bargain.

Aerial Ad an alternative to conventional advertising.

Our services are available all over India, in major cities and in smaller markets as well. Aerial advertising is perfect for your next national advertising campaign. Whether flying over rush hour traffic, a crowded temple on a pleasant day, or over the local Cricket stadium during a cricket match, when it is packed with spectators, you can’t beat Paramotor aerial advertising to make an impact.

Aerial advertising is the attention getting alternative to radio, television and print media. When you hear a Paramotor. A recent survey showed that:

* 88% of people remembered seeing the airplane aerial banner go by after 30 minutes
* 79% could remember the product or service being advertised
* 67% retained at least half the message from the aerial ad

Just think how numbers like that can drastically impact your business in India.

Another reason to consider fly ads in India is that it’s non-intrusive. No one minds seeing an aerial banner towing Paramotor go by. Actually it will probably be a welcome break from the monotony of the daily commute or a welcome addition for the sunbathers at the beach in Mumbai or Goa.

Paramotor aerial advertising provides a very high impact at low cost. Your Paramotor aerial message can reach hundreds of thousands of potential customers of India or your local city in just a few hours. You simply cannot match that kind of bang for the buck with any other advertising venue. We also provide pamphlet dropping which is an addition.

If you are considering aerial advertising in India, we are sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the excellent response.

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